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Slot canyons are formed over thousands of years, as water and wind rush through cracks in rock to create a deep, narrow passageway. Since this process has to occur in just the right way to create a slot canyon, they are fairly rare and often difficult to access. A visit to the Page Slot Canyons, however, is fairly attainable.

Feb 5, 2016 ... On yesterday's Oregon Field Guide, OPB explored Valhalla, a slot canyon in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness that was unmapped until it was ... Valhalla is Oregon's Most Recently Discovered Mindblowing Waterfall Dec 22, 2016 ... A slot canyon is casually defined as more narrow than tall. Sean Malone, left, and Mike ... Watch the full Oregon Field Guide special online now. Discovery of dangerous, waterfall-filled gorge near Mount Jefferson Feb 3, 2016 ... Discovering Valhalla: Oregon's Hidden Gorge,” shows on OPB on Thursday. ... night during a half-hour special of the show "Oregon Field Guide. ... a waterfall- filled slot canyon in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness east of Detroit.

Oregon Field Guide explores the natural wonders and celebrates the people of Oregon. Join our continuing adventure.Is there a better way to close out 2018 than a trip to the Zumwalt Prairie? Happy New Year from all the mountains and canyons of NE Oregon (and the OFG crew)!

Slot Canyon Geology . TV | OPB Mar 22, 2017 ... Oregon Field Guide. Slot Canyon ... Inspired by our recent visits to the Valhalla slot canyon, we wondered just how these unusual features form. Discovering Valhalla: Oregon's Hidden Gorge . News | OPB OPB's Oregon Field Guide led an expedition into the heart of an uncharted gorge. ... An uncharted slot canyon was recently found deep in an Oregon forest, ...

OPB's Oregon Field Guide led an expedition into the heart of ...

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An Oregon Field Guide Special Report: The Hanford Cleanup ... Hells Canyon Black Bears; Orienteering; Oregon Lighthouses : 6 : Klamath River Special ... Who's Watching Oregon's Wildlife, Slot Canyon Geology and Eulachon Smelt : 11/03/2016 : 6 ... A First Descent of an Oregon Slot Canyon - adventure journal A First Descent of an Oregon Slot Canyon. ... Last summer, folks from the Oregon Field Guide made the first claimed descent of a deep, narrow canyon in Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Unofficially called Valhalla, the inner canyon of the South Fork of the North Fork Breitenbush River is comprised of lush greenery, cold, swift-flowing water ... Oregon Field Guide: More Extras | WTTW Oregon Field Guide Slot Canyon Geology. How do slot canyons like Oneonta Gorge and Valhalla form? Clip | 5m 25s Add to Watchlist. Share this video: Share this video on Facebook. Share this video on Twitter. Slot Canyon Geology Clip | 5m 25s You're currently on page 1. You're currently on page 1 ... Oregon Field Guide - Idaho Public Television Schedules

Field Guide heads into the Oregon wilderness to document a geologic wonder. Malone mounted three initial expeditions to the slot canyon. Each time he got a little bit farther than the previous trek.

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